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top of the head

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groveorganicsbrainthymus When you click on this file link it opens up to a picture that shows how important the Thymus Gland is to the flow or impulse control of the human brain…If manganese in the Thymus (NOT the thyroid gland which is different), If manganese Mn in the Thymus controls flow then Iron controls impulse…Mn allows things to flow ( a peanut contains Mn manganese (NOT Magnesium which is different), a peanut encourages flow whilst a Pyrite or iron or marcasite rock Controls impulse…B12 is just iron with a little fat (carbon is fat in the Kidneys)…Fat or C carbon helps Iron in B12 to absorb better…Btw, By the Way, you have two kidneys & two eyes! Did you know that? Two! & Two! What other organs are there two of in the body? Hint…Almost All…(Can you think of three organs that are all similar? Hint, a blood cell, a nerve cell & a neuron, are all the same just in different LOCATIONS…When in Rome be a blood cell, when in France be a nerve cell, when in Germany be a neuron…

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GAIM : grove art in medicine

Brouillon Rough Updates:
 Suicidal is your liver damage, lice make holes in your skin...
blood tests...

 Violets contain iodine adrenals

 Overfluoridated water cuts holes in Callah lily leaves add 
charcoal to water

 Red chai tea contains aluminum 

 Carrots instead of cigarettes 

 Cacao bean for muscular dystrophy agent orange cigarettes
 sunburn zinc excess thyroid bone growth

 Seaweed masks for face skin cancer

 Salt mimics mercury silicone bilirubin 

 Chitin calcium iodine plus carbon nitrogen chlorophyll
bile ?

 For liver back pain drowning, try hyperventilating 

 Cerebral palsy needs bones on top of cartilage 

 Back pain left side sciatica liver full of heavy 
water vodka 
massage to pee or & pooh rapini

 Back pain right side heavy bread eater posit kidneys 
clog , 
pancreas sugar clog, bladder pipes : treat with canola
 olive oil & garlic ...

 Left neck pain is lungs lymph node system pulmonary

 Crabapple contains mercury hg cyanosis oxygen
 gallbladder liver 
iodine adrenal gland

 Hg + mg= cartilage gallbladder 

 K+man. = potassium permanganate, seeks pumpkin 
seeds Mn 
(Flint charcoal Bi ) heart thymus colon

 Cold symptoms from hg poison try lavender mg

 Cold common try goji berry o2 liver

 Headache paint turps try garlic some yogurt 

 Headache pain extreme glue powder acrylic latex 
adhesive cement
 try goji berries go for a walk in o2 environment 

 Gangrene is n nitrogen kidneys try oil olive 

 if parent m (XY) has spleen damage: cure; (large organ 
needs chelated 
copper to fix)(has excess phosphorus turquoise present
 blueness mold 
Parkinson's is similar to a pigeon? because pigeons have
 been kicked? in the spleen left side...)
then child f (xx) has thymus damage: needs iron, will have
manganese peanuts low blood pressure
& child m (xy) has gallbladder damage: has mercury excess
 possible dyslexia adhd autism, needs magnesium Mg to 
soften, or needs plenty of exercise or both, to knock down 
hard mercury cinnabar zhu sha red sand cartilage
 (hard cartilage breaks whilst softened cartilage bends 
with the wind) the
 tree that bends with the wind does not break...somebody 
(cmd is chinese medical doctor)...

  if parent f (XX) has kidney (2) damage: give canola & olive
 oil carbon C to
 unblock gangrenous green Nitrogens chlorophylls straw 
  then child m (xy) has pancreas damage; give selenium
 garlic selenite 
(moonstone beads contains selenite Se aluminum Al &
 potassium K), reduce sulfur block reduce sugar levels, 
insulin is both garlic & lower form 
antibiotic which sucks up sugar infections (infections 
can feed on sugar
  & child f (xx) has ___liver damage___ (posit)___; why 
liver damage 
sciatica? because liver is smaller than 2 kidneys, pancreas 
has been taken by brother, so what is left is left side of body
 under left kidney, so liver or? if
 liver then take Goji berries Oxygen, take walks in fresh air,
 eat rapini, 
dandelion greens, Cyanidins contain Oxygen...reduce water 
liquids, heavy 
waters like alcohol reduce...

Moderation is key, balance, simplicity...

Conclusion: child f (xx) has liver damage, needs 
Goji berries, fresh air with O2, dandelion greens,
rapini ( a green vegetable),(lesser broccoli,
 bok choy)...

if child f (xx) has children then liver damage becomes 
split to two m's, say (xy) (xy)
then one m (xy) inherits lesser than liver but 
on left side (to older male dominant xy) 
say sciatica neurasthenia nerve damage left side-needs 
chlorophyll like E3live or green things assuming mother
 f (xx) has
overcompensated by trying to cure kidney block by 
overdoing C 
carbon oil so then son is fine but lacking in Nitrogen 
chlorophyll ironically!
& other m(xy) younger inherits split to right side posit
spinal column tailbone damage osteoporosis thyroid damage,
if thyroid is operator for bones lead + zinc department. 
lead found in carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes lesser, 
pencils, old lead plomb plumbing pipes. Posit younger child
got gets ignored as per usual, then lead is still fine as
remedy...prefers OZ olanzapine zyprexa (an lead 
lithium based drug with a cool name)!
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Continuing my art in medicine studies:

all together now… This is a free downloadable PDF file which includes the current iteration that we are working on still of the Body Part Chart with extra notes & comments…

*or here is the same file embedded in WordPress from Scribd to read here online…

Some of the background to the Body Part Charts can be found at

Some of my new thoughts include research into Iatrogenic or doctor created effect: Cinnabar is mercury, yes, mercury…Mercury & magnesium live together as opposites but as friends, in the gallbladder…A very unusual condition called Hypermagnesemia is caused by drugs that contain magnesium…Hyper means too much…For example the new osteoporosis drugs now contain a magnesium component…If you take too much of these osteo drugs, the magnesium component can actually DEGRADE your cartilage…This is a very very serious & dangerous condition CAUSED by OSTEO drugs…If you start having JOINT PAIN from your OSTEO drugs, STOP taking them…But then how do you fix the damage? Well, mercury is opposite to magnesium…If you have taken an excess of magnesium by accident, then the only way to reverse that damage is with mercury…Yes, dangerous…Cinnabar is a red powder that is in fact mercury…I get my Cinnabar from The Herb Depot south of College street on Spadina avenue on the west side…They are Chinese doctors…A giant tablespoon of cinnabar powder is like 4 doses, or 4 days worth…You put 1/4 of that into a pot, add 2-3 cups of cold water & boil for half an hour & then drink…It will make you sleep better, relieve anxiety & relieve the joint pain caused by the hypermagnesemia…Costs about $5.00 for the 4 doses…Keep taking until you have reversed the hypermagnesemia condition…(an example of a dangerous osteoporosis drug is ACTONEL)…(people on Actonel have actually experienced femur FRACTURES from this osteo drug!!!)
This is a link to a Canadian Class Action lawsuit you can join if you have taken Actonel or another osteoporosis drug…

Heart drugs like Ace Inhibitors contain potassium…An excess of potassium takes you to a very dangerous place also called hyperkalemia…Hyperkalemia can also create cardiomegaly or enlarged heart…If your heart is now enlarged after taking Ace Inhibitors, stop taking them…An example of an Ace Inhibitor is ramipril…To reverse too much potassium in your heart you need Taurine…Taurine is available easily as a powder & it is tasteless & you can even put it in your tea…Taurine may make you pooh more, so just know that…Too much potassium in your heart could kill you…Yes, the very drug you are taking FOR your heart can hurt your heart if you take too much…

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“Swanee” has found a home…

I walked from Yonge & Davenport to High Park, thru to Grenadier Pond where some creeps were illegally fishing right near a Mute Swan couple…Then down to the waterfront, along to Ontario Place where a male swan was resting on a cement outlay, waiting for his mate who was stuck in gas leak gunk closer to the marine Unit at Harbourfront Queen’s Quay…At the marine unit police station boat area, I found a duck sitting beside his already overcome by gas fumes mate…Inside the marine police station I found an officer sitting in gas fumes…I am not sure who is attacking our waters, but it is not the good people…This Marine officer was being targeted, like the Mute swans have been, & I believe that neither have been targeted by Canadians…We obviously have enemy people in our country who are manipulating & attacking the things we hold holy…It is important for the good Canadians to know that we have enemies in our midst…If you see a swan or human or duck in trouble, please intervene & help…If you see fishing near to a swan tell them to stop…Please stop boats that look suspicious…Please stop unlawful fishing of our much loved fishes…Did you know the Northern Pike is actually in the shark family? They call them Slough Sharks in California…It is illegal to eat shark fin soup in Toronto…Think about how many species of shark there are…They are not all the size of Jaws…The High Park Zoo is wonderful…Send them money or volunteer…Make the Grenadier pond a protected conservation area, including the fish…(though I thought it already was)…Allow people to feed the birds, & the waterbirds, but if you like, with a special feed the waterbirds/birds permit…That would allow those who need to care for the waterbirds the right to feed them without getting harassed by idiots…Especially in winter…Allow protection of raccoons…Perhaps a permit to feed them too…Or give them shelter…That would raise some funds & lessen infighting…

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Have you been missold balance protection insurance on your TD Visa card? Leave your contact email in the Comments to enter a Class Action lawsuit…(I am expanding to include ALL Banks in Canada…so if you have been hurt on your credit card, about balance protection insurance, from any bank here in Canada, write)…

Balance protection Insurance TD Bank: Hello, I was missold balance protection insurance on my Td Visa card…I am self-employed & the policy excludes self-employed people from making job loss claims, which I was not told…There are thousands of others who are also excluded from ever making a claim on this credit card insurance, who were sold this policy…Is this a conflict of interest for your firm? I am seeking a refund for myself & for all others who were sold balance protection insurance on their Td Visa cards…(Note: this product is underwritten by the same company, but then sold by different banks…The underwriter is Assurant Solutions in Canada…If a Class Action was broadened to all people who had been missold balance protection insurance in Canada (known as PPI in lawsuits in England), then refunds might be more forthcoming to all involved-due to the solidarity of a greater size of class?…)

Update:Friday May 18, 2012: A Philly Class Action law firm is consulting the Attorney General of Hawaii with the help of a local law firm on the island, to prosecute ALL the banks of Hawaii for this very same creditor’s group insurance obfuscatory corporate malfeasance…That said, it is possible that Canada should follow Hawaii’s example & just sue all the banks of Canada in the very same way for the very same thing…Mexico City is also proceeding as we speak, with help from Philly (who won already on this subject, for a giant Class…)…That to say…If you have been wronged by ANY bank in Canada on this same balance protection insurance product on your credit card, then feel free to drop an email in the Comment section or email us directly…For the moment, as we gather, the more voices & the stronger they are, will help to get this ball in motion…

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Work in Progress: A New Canadian Award Winning Film by a friend of ours…04/08/2012

Link to the Trailer…  Our friend, Bill Stone, has just released the fabulous film “Work in Progress”…An exploration of expectation & determination clouded in humour & levity…Watching the film brings you closer to yourself & your own trials & tribulations…You will be laughing at yourself as you ponder the mysteries of building a wall with no mortar…An art film with a sense of humour…Stone masons will giggle too…
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