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Fine tuning: Argh!

Ok, so I decided, well, we ALL decided, (all being me, Joseph & the collective sigh of disappointment at the sight of the white cement drips on the black beak of the Trumpeter swan)- we all decided to make black … Continue reading

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Ontario Bio-Diversity Goals…

There is a lot that talks about not doing this or not doing that on this site… Not polluting, not encroaching on habitat, not…It is hard to get the general public excited about not doing something…I think we need to … Continue reading

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How to make a trumpeter swan nest…

Easier Workaround to make a trumpeter swan nest: Take the whole 50 feet of 1/4 inch sisal & turn it into a giant monkey chain knot chain, then attach the ends together to make an ellipse… From there, take the … Continue reading

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Like a driver’s license, a gun license should come with tests, a required course, & a high failure rate, not to mention penalties & suspensions for alcohol & other drug use when carrying…

Trumpeter Swans were saved from extinction by Canada because Canada has very strict gun control regulations which means that scavenger people who try to save a buck on dinner can’t go around shooting swans for dinner in Canada… The previous … Continue reading

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