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“Essence of Bee”: ferrocement sculpture in the making…

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sales in real estate, defaults, re-buys…

So you sell much of your residential real estate holdings all at the same time… The prices hold because the market doesn’t learn fast enough of the product dump…Those who buy the homes take out big mortgages because they cannot … Continue reading

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Fine tuning: Argh!

Ok, so I decided, well, we ALL decided, (all being me, Joseph & the collective sigh of disappointment at the sight of the white cement drips on the black beak of the Trumpeter swan)- we all decided to make black … Continue reading

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“The Raccoon” by me & Joseph…(will be smothered in a concrete mix later)…

Bluffs gallery: Picked up my painting “Blooming Lilies” today from Bluffs…Tim, the projects manager told me it got several compliments & was viewed by politicians local to the area…I am thrilled with Bluffs as a gallery & the greater Scarborough … Continue reading

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Aha! Figured it out: Ferrocement raccoon armature

So, instead of resolving how to get my three way tee couplings to stick to the copper pipe pieces, I ended up changing out all my copper tee couplings for a slightly different copper tee coupling (1/2 inch by the … Continue reading

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Ok, so this is a beginning…It is a raccoon…What you see below may not look like much but it is actually the result of some very hard thinking & a little muscle… Materials: One 6 foot piece of 1/2 inch … Continue reading

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