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Have you been missold balance protection insurance on your TD Visa card? Leave your contact email in the Comments to enter a Class Action lawsuit…(I am expanding to include ALL Banks in Canada…so if you have been hurt on your credit card, about balance protection insurance, from any bank here in Canada, write)… Balance protection Insurance TD Bank: Hello, I was missold balance protection insurance on my Td Visa card…I am self-employed & the policy excludes self-employed people from making job loss claims, which I was not told…There are thousands of others … Continue reading

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The most disgusting thing about Td Canada trust’s balance protection insurance on the Td Visa credit card is:

:that when you don’t have any money, when you owe them money on your Td Visa credit card, when you are carrying a balance, THAT is when the extra money for this useless premium gets tacked on- when you are … Continue reading

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Tuberculosis, Asthma, Hypomagnesemia: All related

Tuberculosis, Asthma, Hypomagnesemia: All related… here are some thoughts: *if tuberculosis responds to chemo, & calcium excess characterizes cancers, & magnesium is the antithesis of calcium, then hypomagnesemia is present in tuberculosis… (*Not related but informative: genital herpes & shingles … Continue reading

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Just say no to credit card insurance: a video chat

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Re: Creditor’s Group Insurance – TD Balance Protection (a crime in action), Re: Assurance collective des débiteurs de – Protection du solde TD CanadaTrust(un crime dans l’action)

For the Honourable Minister of Finance: regarding Credit Protection Insurance on Credit Cards… From: “Joseph & Sari Grove” <> To: “James Flaherty” <> Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 3:47 PM (less than a minute ago) Dear Hon. Minister of Finance:   … Continue reading

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sales in real estate, defaults, re-buys…

So you sell much of your residential real estate holdings all at the same time… The prices hold because the market doesn’t learn fast enough of the product dump…Those who buy the homes take out big mortgages because they cannot … Continue reading

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Credit Protection Insurance:

Credit Protection Insurance is a scam that is solicited over the phone when you renew or activate a credit card…Cancel it if you have it…You may not know you have it- if you don’t have a balance on your credit … Continue reading

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