GAIM : grove art in medicine

Brouillon Rough Updates:
 Suicidal is your liver damage, lice make holes in your skin...
blood tests...

 Violets contain iodine adrenals

 Overfluoridated water cuts holes in Callah lily leaves add 
charcoal to water

 Red chai tea contains aluminum 

 Carrots instead of cigarettes 

 Cacao bean for muscular dystrophy agent orange cigarettes
 sunburn zinc excess thyroid bone growth

 Seaweed masks for face skin cancer

 Salt mimics mercury silicone bilirubin 

 Chitin calcium iodine plus carbon nitrogen chlorophyll
bile ?

 For liver back pain drowning, try hyperventilating 

 Cerebral palsy needs bones on top of cartilage 

 Back pain left side sciatica liver full of heavy 
water vodka 
massage to pee or & pooh rapini

 Back pain right side heavy bread eater posit kidneys 
clog , 
pancreas sugar clog, bladder pipes : treat with canola
 olive oil & garlic ...

 Left neck pain is lungs lymph node system pulmonary

 Crabapple contains mercury hg cyanosis oxygen
 gallbladder liver 
iodine adrenal gland

 Hg + mg= cartilage gallbladder 

 K+man. = potassium permanganate, seeks pumpkin 
seeds Mn 
(Flint charcoal Bi ) heart thymus colon

 Cold symptoms from hg poison try lavender mg

 Cold common try goji berry o2 liver

 Headache paint turps try garlic some yogurt 

 Headache pain extreme glue powder acrylic latex 
adhesive cement
 try goji berries go for a walk in o2 environment 

 Gangrene is n nitrogen kidneys try oil olive 

 if parent m (XY) has spleen damage: cure; (large organ 
needs chelated 
copper to fix)(has excess phosphorus turquoise present
 blueness mold 
Parkinson's is similar to a pigeon? because pigeons have
 been kicked? in the spleen left side...)
then child f (xx) has thymus damage: needs iron, will have
manganese peanuts low blood pressure
& child m (xy) has gallbladder damage: has mercury excess
 possible dyslexia adhd autism, needs magnesium Mg to 
soften, or needs plenty of exercise or both, to knock down 
hard mercury cinnabar zhu sha red sand cartilage
 (hard cartilage breaks whilst softened cartilage bends 
with the wind) the
 tree that bends with the wind does not break...somebody 
(cmd is chinese medical doctor)...

  if parent f (XX) has kidney (2) damage: give canola & olive
 oil carbon C to
 unblock gangrenous green Nitrogens chlorophylls straw 
  then child m (xy) has pancreas damage; give selenium
 garlic selenite 
(moonstone beads contains selenite Se aluminum Al &
 potassium K), reduce sulfur block reduce sugar levels, 
insulin is both garlic & lower form 
antibiotic which sucks up sugar infections (infections 
can feed on sugar
  & child f (xx) has ___liver damage___ (posit)___; why 
liver damage 
sciatica? because liver is smaller than 2 kidneys, pancreas 
has been taken by brother, so what is left is left side of body
 under left kidney, so liver or? if
 liver then take Goji berries Oxygen, take walks in fresh air,
 eat rapini, 
dandelion greens, Cyanidins contain Oxygen...reduce water 
liquids, heavy 
waters like alcohol reduce...

Moderation is key, balance, simplicity...

Conclusion: child f (xx) has liver damage, needs 
Goji berries, fresh air with O2, dandelion greens,
rapini ( a green vegetable),(lesser broccoli,
 bok choy)...

if child f (xx) has children then liver damage becomes 
split to two m's, say (xy) (xy)
then one m (xy) inherits lesser than liver but 
on left side (to older male dominant xy) 
say sciatica neurasthenia nerve damage left side-needs 
chlorophyll like E3live or green things assuming mother
 f (xx) has
overcompensated by trying to cure kidney block by 
overdoing C 
carbon oil so then son is fine but lacking in Nitrogen 
chlorophyll ironically!
& other m(xy) younger inherits split to right side posit
spinal column tailbone damage osteoporosis thyroid damage,
if thyroid is operator for bones lead + zinc department. 
lead found in carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes lesser, 
pencils, old lead plomb plumbing pipes. Posit younger child
got gets ignored as per usual, then lead is still fine as
remedy...prefers OZ olanzapine zyprexa (an lead 
lithium based drug with a cool name)!

About GroveCanada

The Nidi Academy teaches you how to do your own imaging, especially to see if cancer is present-without a biopsy! Come join me there! http://Nidi.Work Artist Statement: I like to push...Push the fold...Innovate...Figure out how to do something then figure out how to do it even better...I get bored once I accomplish something...I can’t seem to make multiples...Once it is done, it is done ; I am not going to make another one...This can hurt profitability...But I feel the paradigm of repetitive production is obsolete...I see a future where pure intellectual innovation will be rewarded without the need to commercialize it somehow...I wonder about the Star Trek idea of a new culture where money is not the driving force...I live that future already... Bio: Sari is an optimist by nature, someone who always sees the sunny side of things, even if there is no sunny side really...She grew up with two wonderful parents & a great brother...Later she married the very best guy in the world, another artist named Joseph Grove...She likes art because it is for her a happy place to be...A place where joy can reside...So she decided to make art herself because that was the nicest thing she thought she could do for people’s lives...I’d tell you more about angst or strife or misery or struggling, but really, that was not the case...But perhaps, because I am Sari ; I am writing this, my perception is warped by my extreme positivity...But, to tell you the truth, life has been good... p.s.You can read more about my credentials on my main website at ...But I have left a few things out, credential-wise... My feeling is:"By their fruits, ye shall know them" which is from the New Testament, Book of Mathew(7, 16-20)... So read my books ; see if the fruit tastes good to you...I feel those are better credentials than telling you something on a resume... p.p.s. I am a Christian...Whatever that word means to you...
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