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Just thought I’d update with new information about bipolar…The thyroid gland is balanced by two opposing forces: for simplicity let’s call them zinc & lead…Too much zinc causes kookiness, too much lead causes sluggishness…The anti-psychotic drugs are based on lead-like formulations like lithium, found in rocks called lepidolites…Cigarettes for example enhance zinc on the other hand…It is a balance…Another organ called the thymus has two other opposites: manganese found in peanuts or in the rock called pink tourmaline, & iron found in the rock pyrite…

Much of bipolar is really just a form of anemia…Anemia in its extreme causes delusions & other psychological problems…

A long term easy way to stabilize someone who is zinc heavy or manganese heavy (anemia affects several organs), is to always wear a pyrite(iron) bracelet or necklace next to your skin…The pyrite reverse osmotes directly into the bipolar person’s skin without them having to take a supplement…It is a cheap & easy way to protect & remedy…

Marijuana will also throw someone into zinc excess, which correspondingly depletes lead, exacerbating anemia…

This knowledge can help people stabilize…You can get pyrite beads on etsy or ebay as a simple bracelet or necklace for quite cheap…The iron will help them right away…But tell them to wear the pyrite all the time, when they sleep, in the shower- then it will load much faster & they will feel its effects right away…

This is my own research given freely & I am not in any business related to what I am saying…Good luck…Sari Grove

Added Fri. Aug. 16, 2013:

Grove Body Part Chart (March 5th, 2013 update): by Sari Grove(with pop up map & via @sharethis

The link, here it is again,  goes to our newer research into mental disorders…

That particular blog, at, can also be searched via the search box at the bottom of the page on the right, in faint peach tone(on that blog site not here on…

There are 5 blog posts that come up if you search for the word “bipolar” in the search box engine…

Here is our new chart, well charts, from our second book:

duty calls cv.001-001 duty calls cv.002-001

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  1. GroveCanada says:

    Hi Tonja: I updated this post with a link to some newer research from our other blog…The charts I added are from the second book I am writing now…Peace out, Sari

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