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Garlic, Titanium, Bismuth, Zinc: how to kill lice…

Don’t get me wrong I love lice, but sometimes you just wanna kill ’em…Here’s how: Put garlic cloves unpeeled or peeled, peeled ‘r easier., around. Titanium comes in lipgloss No7 Lip glace, punch studios lemon soap, Bismuth comes in beer … Continue reading

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Seaweed, tuberculosis: Seaweed!!! Ok, so seaweed contains iodine…Alot…In a Japanese restaurant a seaweed salad is called WAKAME salad… Titanium is found in rocks…Iodine comes from the water rushing over those rocks…Remember that Titanium cleans aluminum out of your system? Out of your … Continue reading

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bipolar, anemia, manic depressive, pyrite:

Just thought I’d update with new information about bipolar…The thyroid gland is balanced by two opposing forces: for simplicity let’s call them zinc & lead…Too much zinc causes kookiness, too much lead causes sluggishness…The anti-psychotic drugs are based on lead-like … Continue reading

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