precedent: failure to disclose, TD bank, fraud…

precedent: failure to disclose, TD bank, fraud…

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Tue, 25 Oct 2011 10:39 AM (less than a minute ago)
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  I am still trying to get a refund of $2,684.70 plus interest from TD Visa on Balance Protection Insurance…

 I am adding an excerpt from a previously decided case that applies to my own:
 The reason the client was given a full refund on all premiums taken for balance protection insurance is that the client was self-employed, like I am, (& that fact is clearly written on my credit card agreement…)
  At no time, in the over the phone conversation was I told that a self-employed person would Not qualify for the majority of the benefits of this policy…Had I known this, I most likely would NOT have agreed to this policy…In case precedents, it is not sufficient that a mention of exclusions exist buried in wirtten documents, but that the fact that a self-employed person is Excluded from benefits be drawn to that person’s attention when the policy is being sold over the phone…
  I consider it abhorrent that a policy excluding a self-employed person was sold to me & that I was not told of this exclusion over the phone when you signed me up…It is further abhorrent that TD Bank, TD Insurance, & TD Visa, does not admit they wrongfully sold a policy while failing to disclose material facts about the insurance, in such a way that can be deemed fraudulent…
  In  many, many, documented cases, published online, clients are repeatedly shown to have been sold balance protection insurance, without ever being able to qualify to make a claim…These are the self-employed, the disabled, students, retired people, seasonal workers, part-time workers & the list goes on…The fact that so many people were not told that they would be excluded from making a future claim, indicates more than merely a failure to disclose on the part of the insurer, it indicates a willful act of lying by omission in a grand scheme, on a large scale, & where signifanct monies have been taken with unfair business practice from clients, in a manner consistent with large scale fraud…
 As such, I repeat my request for a full refund to my credit card…
Sari Grove

one of the excerpted examples of a self-employed person getting their refund: “In these circumstances, the financial business should have drawn the term to the attention of Mr D when providing information about the policy. The term was not highlighted in the policy summary – it simply referred Mr D to the longer policy document where the term could be found mid way through a 20-page document.

We did not consider that this gave the term sufficient prominence. We decided that if the term had been drawn to Mr D’s attention, he would probably not have taken out the policy. It was unlikely that he would be able to claim under the policy for the most likely cause of future unemployment.

We told the financial business to put Mr D in the position he would have been in, if he had not taken out the policy, by reconstructing his credit card account.”

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