How ABLAC/Assurant Solutions/Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company/Legacy Insurance/Western National Life Insurance/American General Life Insurance /AIG Annuity/ American International group AIG/ are all the same company…

1)Jun 23 2008

Sears Canada recently sold their credit card operations to the Chase Group in the US. * a Sears Mastercard to replace Sears card. (see Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company as underwriter/CPLIC)

2)Feb 23 2009  CIBC coverage for credit card payment protection plan requested.Charge $89 a month for $10,000 coverage!!! This is ten times the normal premium for the amount covered!* CIBC Visa

3) CIBC Payment Protector is underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company (CPL) 

Capital One credit card( Legacy General Insurance company underwrites for capital one credit card…)(Legacy & Canadian premier are the same thing)…

 Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company’s and Legacy General Insurance Company’s (“CPLIC” and “LGIC” or the “Companies”) legislation in Canada, 80 Tiverton Ct., 5th Fl., Markham, CANON L3R 0G4, Canada

(905)9482138, (905)4798768 fax,

Phoenix, Arizona Minneapolis, MN

Western National Life Insurance Company was bought out by American General Life Insurance Company, which was then purchased by AIG. WNL now does business as AIG Annuity. See for contact information.

As you know, American International Group, Inc. (“AIG”) and American Bankers have agreed to a merger 

american international group/ cendant/ american bankers life assurance company

The rating of American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida was raised to reflect its continued strong operating profitability, moderated earnings exposure to certain run-off business risks, as well as its sustained strong market profile despite the business disruptions caused by the prospect of a merger. The action was independent of the beneficial impact of the pre-tax $400 million breakup fee paid to ABIG from Cendant Corp. to release Cendant from all merger-related obligations.

4)Legacy Insurance Services is a “Managing General Agency” (MGA) with their corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

All of the Legacy companies are part of Western National Insurance Group headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. 

5)AIG bought Cendant, Cendant bought ABLAC…Sears, CIBC, Capital One(credit card insurance) are underwritten by Canadian Premier Insurance…Legacy & Canadian Premier are the same, Legacy is owned by Western National…Western was bought by American General life which was bought by AIG…Thus AIG Annuity the new name for AIG owns Cendant which owns ABLAC…Western is owned by General Life which is owned also by AIG…Western owns Legacy which owns Canadian Premier…

Thus AIG owns both ABLAC & Western National Life (& Western national Life owns Legacy which owns Canadian Premier)…

6)Thus AIG Annuity owns both ABLAC/other name Assurant Solutions, & Canadian Premier Life Insurance/also called Legacy…

” Oh what a tangled web we weave…

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