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“The Raccoon” by me & Joseph…(will be smothered in a concrete mix later)…

Bluffs gallery: Picked up my painting “Blooming Lilies” today from Bluffs…Tim, the projects manager told me it got several compliments & was viewed by politicians local to the area…I am thrilled with Bluffs as a gallery & the greater Scarborough … Continue reading

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Aha! Figured it out: Ferrocement raccoon armature

So, instead of resolving how to get my three way tee couplings to stick to the copper pipe pieces, I ended up changing out all my copper tee couplings for a slightly different copper tee coupling (1/2 inch by the … Continue reading

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Ok, so this is a beginning…It is a raccoon…What you see below may not look like much but it is actually the result of some very hard thinking & a little muscle… Materials: One 6 foot piece of 1/2 inch … Continue reading

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Ferrocement: How to links & resources…

          Here are 4 how to links which I can refer to later for making concrete sculptures for outdoor use… Ideas: *I am interested in using a two part white cement mix … Continue reading

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Concerns: A list of things that has been happening in Ontario that just don’t seem right…

1)The first thing “they” do to try to get you to move out is have some “reno” work done next door, above you, nearby, that involves loud, noisy drilling…The noise is enough to drive you crazy & you can’t get … Continue reading

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Nicorette gum cinnamon whitening: Here’s a link about using original Listerine in your hair to kill & prevent lice…   Ok, so I am almost done my fight with bugs that I got when trying to rescue a raccoon…I am posting the results … Continue reading

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Strange thing:

The strange thing is that these DuMaurier cigarettes from the Rabbas at Davenport & just before Church street at the corner, the strange thing is, is that I think there is some sort of drug that has been added to … Continue reading

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Combantrin + Nix anti-scabies cream= happy camper

So I am thrilled with the Combantrin anti-parasitic over the counter pills(Shoppers Drug Mart)…I took 8 last night & feel so much better both mentally & physically…I rubbed the Nix anti-scabies cream on the back of my neck & behind … Continue reading

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Chlorine in pool water, is that made of epsom salts (magnesium sulfates), plus baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) ? (It feels like heavy water when you mix these two together so  am guessing probably yes)… If streptomycin sulfate is the drug … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment has original Bubble tea which is manioc tapioca black balls with milk & gree tea in it for $3.14 cad on Yonge south of bloor west side & their straws are giant & in different pretty colours & free, … Continue reading

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