Down. coal miner. black soot.carbon. diamonds. fat breasts.

Crohn’s disease is a lack of fat/diamonds.

Downs is a excess of fat.

Oil & water don’t mix. Oil & vinegar don’t mix. Oil is fat. Vinegar is lack of fat. Water is a neutral that only leans towards acidity due to acid rain.

Alkaline is oil fat. Vinegar is acid lack of fat. old wine. omega fatty acids are fish oils fish oils are salmon are heart cleansers due to salmon NOT fatty oil…

Apple Cider Vinegar is ACV. The cure for Downs Syndrome is ACV.You can add water to the ACV, it should clear out the charcoal coal cement fibres from your lungs.

The cure for Crohns disease is fat/oil/sunflower oil is nice.

next question: *re: magnesium/mercury corollary in the gallbladder=cabbage is a natural source of magnesium source: raccoon Bobby (husband to Smoky the cat)

* re: haemophilia ,Poppy seeds are essentially similar to dried blood (see the red stems) which are like a blood transfusion to the brain when eaten with a spoon straight (good for *Alzheimer’s too which is brain blood bleeding out due to arterial cuts due to aspirin birch bark overdose or accidental lsd(makes you bleed out in the brain-causes brain blood flow though if clogged) ingestion from doctored illegally/legally mail papers &/or inks. *Saffron is a coagulant(of the skin cuts- roll in the saffron) like aluminum in a “styptic” pencil. *sweet flash boiled/pasteurized red wine is an anaesthetic for child’s tongue numbs the pain of teeth growth. (nerves feel pain). * cars, airplanes should not be on cul de sac islands due to weight causing push down. weight push down causes waves to be rough & furthers erosion.

“people come now singing monae, monae” (hot child in the city”) #Bonus Points *journalists like garbage & latrine duty for the bonus points! (which causes the mercury overload in the gallbladder which can be offset by cabbage magnesium source, cabbage rolls are nice…)

gap is on paper profs ok o

water, boiled, bowl, ceramic, finished, coffee, instant, grains, small, powder, pinky finger tween tasse, 1/8 of a teaspoon, 2 sweeteners life brand salt sugar paper container envelope, or 3, hot chocolate powder diet sprinkle hand flat, thin tween size, /-d, milk homo, homogenized, tequila agave mexican heroin like lilacs blue, blueberries bears, raccoons are cubs… heroin/lilacs/blue flowers Iran/horses/horsetail plant= are good for your kidneys cleansing Glee># lilacs trees are beavers’ favorite dinner thats why they have such clean kidneys plus they eat cabbage yum an’ red ant bird bugs crawly biters an’ raccoons too sometimes. its a racoon eat raccoon world!

*#kidneyfailure: heroinmescalinewormsblackspinalcordshrimppoop/cactusagavetequilawhitewormsfleshrings=corollaries in the kidneyswormsrenaltubes

*#picklejuice/downssyndrome=oillungsbrainstemcerebellum <corollaries>

Imagine yourself fucking yourself: insecurity (to cure MPD multiple personality disorder/copying others)

The cure for cancer is grapefruit

Peanut Butter a Broken Leg

About GroveCanada

The Nidi Academy teaches you how to do your own imaging, especially to see if cancer is present-without a biopsy! Come join me there! http://Nidi.Work Artist Statement: I like to push...Push the fold...Innovate...Figure out how to do something then figure out how to do it even better...I get bored once I accomplish something...I can’t seem to make multiples...Once it is done, it is done ; I am not going to make another one...This can hurt profitability...But I feel the paradigm of repetitive production is obsolete...I see a future where pure intellectual innovation will be rewarded without the need to commercialize it somehow...I wonder about the Star Trek idea of a new culture where money is not the driving force...I live that future already... Bio: Sari is an optimist by nature, someone who always sees the sunny side of things, even if there is no sunny side really...She grew up with two wonderful parents & a great brother...Later she married the very best guy in the world, another artist named Joseph Grove...She likes art because it is for her a happy place to be...A place where joy can reside...So she decided to make art herself because that was the nicest thing she thought she could do for people’s lives...I’d tell you more about angst or strife or misery or struggling, but really, that was not the case...But perhaps, because I am Sari ; I am writing this, my perception is warped by my extreme positivity...But, to tell you the truth, life has been good... p.s.You can read more about my credentials on my main website at ...But I have left a few things out, credential-wise... My feeling is:"By their fruits, ye shall know them" which is from the New Testament, Book of Mathew(7, 16-20)... So read my books ; see if the fruit tastes good to you...I feel those are better credentials than telling you something on a resume... p.p.s. I am a Christian...Whatever that word means to you...
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