How to weave the monkey chain knot to make the Trumpet swan nest or any other bird nest… – GroveOntario:works of art by Joseph & Sari Grove…

How to weave the monkey chain knot to make the Trumpet swan nest or any other bird nest… – GroveOntario:works of art by Joseph & Sari Grove….


Tue, 10 May 2011 6:49 PM 

Location: I have been feeding the Trumpeter swans at Bluffers park in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (on Lake Ontario) Story: This winter I was feeding the Trumpeter Swans who were swimming nearby to Bluffers Park on Lake Ontario…I noticed they were cold & didn’t seem to have anything nice & warm to sit on…When the bay started to freeze, they sat on the ice…So I started designing an artificial Trumpeter swan nest that could be put out for them to sit on, especially in winter…The picture shows my 7th try at a design- this one used 15 rolls of biodegradeable Sisal (1/4 inch thick 50 ft. rolls)…I used a very simple monkey chain knot(videos online easy to find how to) & a 43 inch hula hoop to keep it ellipse shaped…The Sisal tears easily, especially near to water, so snagging is not a problem…Sisal is the straw leaves of the agave plant which contains magnesium-which is excellent for offsetting mercury in water-should the nest go into the water…This winter, I tried my different prototypes by putting wild bird seed on them, & seeing if anyone decided to sit down…What I discovered was that the Sisal was immediately recognized as a nest, but I needed at least a 43 inch diameter nest to get a Trumpeter swan to sit down…My first nest got a pair of ducks, my second which was bigger got two geese, later on an even bigger one I got some Mute swans…Nests 4 & 5 I left out to see how humans would react…Parks & Recreation workers threw out 4 & 5…So then I started trying to get permissions from gov’t agencies(so they wouldn’t get tossed)…Number 6 tested as the correct size for a Trumpeter, but it had loopy loops at the edge which someone commented on our blog said were a tripping hazard…So this is number 7! I am still waiting to get proper permissions so the nest gets to stay put-when I figure that out, I hope to make more…Please copy the idea if you want to try to make an artificial nest for a bird or waterbird- the nest can also go into the crotch of a tree- you can put straw inside too- & wild bird seed as an initial attractant… here are some of the Trumpeters at Bluffers park eating wild bird seed in winter… Here are the Trumpeters at Bluffers Park eating wild bird seed & sitting on the ice & snow… How to weave the monkey chain knot to make an artificial bird nest (if you want to) Sari Grove Thanks! p.s. I asked Pepsi for 5 thousand dollars to continue feeding Trumpeter Swans…Voting is on at that link for the next 2 months if anyone wants to vote for this idea, for me…(you can use Facebook to connect faster to vote)…(I’m number 16 out of 300 now, but you have to be top 4 in your category to win)… p.p.s. I can’t show you a photo of a Trumpeter swan on the nest yet because I am afraid the Parks department will just throw it out again if I leave it there…(But they do like them very much!)

About GroveCanada

The Nidi Academy teaches you how to do your own imaging, especially to see if cancer is present-without a biopsy! Come join me there! http://Nidi.Work Artist Statement: I like to push...Push the fold...Innovate...Figure out how to do something then figure out how to do it even better...I get bored once I accomplish something...I can’t seem to make multiples...Once it is done, it is done ; I am not going to make another one...This can hurt profitability...But I feel the paradigm of repetitive production is obsolete...I see a future where pure intellectual innovation will be rewarded without the need to commercialize it somehow...I wonder about the Star Trek idea of a new culture where money is not the driving force...I live that future already... Bio: Sari is an optimist by nature, someone who always sees the sunny side of things, even if there is no sunny side really...She grew up with two wonderful parents & a great brother...Later she married the very best guy in the world, another artist named Joseph Grove...She likes art because it is for her a happy place to be...A place where joy can reside...So she decided to make art herself because that was the nicest thing she thought she could do for people’s lives...I’d tell you more about angst or strife or misery or struggling, but really, that was not the case...But perhaps, because I am Sari ; I am writing this, my perception is warped by my extreme positivity...But, to tell you the truth, life has been good... p.s.You can read more about my credentials on my main website at ...But I have left a few things out, credential-wise... My feeling is:"By their fruits, ye shall know them" which is from the New Testament, Book of Mathew(7, 16-20)... So read my books ; see if the fruit tastes good to you...I feel those are better credentials than telling you something on a resume... p.p.s. I am a Christian...Whatever that word means to you...
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