Snow Leopard iMac 20 & a half inch screen yay!

Thanks to Signa at Yonge Blvd., & salesman Jack who sold us a year & half old iMac today, which I am using now…Our Tiger v-card started to crash this past week & thanks to some shrewd thinking & help from & Rick, we bought a Lacie (sourced thru Canada’s online apple store & a sales-phone rep in Florida!) rugged 320 Gig external drive with bootable backup thru Intego Assistant Pro, which made the transition sweat free… Our bengal cats are loving Snow Leopard, since their ancestors are the Asian leopard Cat!

Note: We are now feeding Trumpet Swans wild bird seed IN THE WATER… We noted a Mute Swan with an injured right foot & heard from a volunteer at TWC Toronto Wildlife centre, of worry about ducks’ feet getting caught between melting ice floes, so our decision has been to move the floating seed to the water instead of on land… Wild bird seed, the largest pieces in a mixed bag, will float long enough for a Trumpet Swan to catch them if they are close enough… Also, this encourages water feeding, which is more natural for a waterbird…!

Joseph’s photo from Burlington on Thursday! More to come when I can catch Joseph!

Clarifications: 1) artificial nests have been tossed & a re-design is in progress…Sorry, prototype art nests take work! 2) it is easier for a waterbird to feed in water, so if their feet are injured that is the way to go 3) the large green bags of wild bird seed at Canadian Tire have excellent quality food at easy to reach prices- everyone else sells at a dollar a kilogram or more, they are less, with better tasting food…Petsmart does have bird seed but the grains are smaller & though fine, not my total favorite – but better than nothing still…)

About GroveCanada

The Nidi Academy teaches you how to do your own imaging, especially to see if cancer is present-without a biopsy! Come join me there! http://Nidi.Work Artist Statement: I like to push...Push the fold...Innovate...Figure out how to do something then figure out how to do it even better...I get bored once I accomplish something...I can’t seem to make multiples...Once it is done, it is done ; I am not going to make another one...This can hurt profitability...But I feel the paradigm of repetitive production is obsolete...I see a future where pure intellectual innovation will be rewarded without the need to commercialize it somehow...I wonder about the Star Trek idea of a new culture where money is not the driving force...I live that future already... Bio: Sari is an optimist by nature, someone who always sees the sunny side of things, even if there is no sunny side really...She grew up with two wonderful parents & a great brother...Later she married the very best guy in the world, another artist named Joseph Grove...She likes art because it is for her a happy place to be...A place where joy can reside...So she decided to make art herself because that was the nicest thing she thought she could do for people’s lives...I’d tell you more about angst or strife or misery or struggling, but really, that was not the case...But perhaps, because I am Sari ; I am writing this, my perception is warped by my extreme positivity...But, to tell you the truth, life has been good... p.s.You can read more about my credentials on my main website at ...But I have left a few things out, credential-wise... My feeling is:"By their fruits, ye shall know them" which is from the New Testament, Book of Mathew(7, 16-20)... So read my books ; see if the fruit tastes good to you...I feel those are better credentials than telling you something on a resume... p.p.s. I am a Christian...Whatever that word means to you...
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