Monthly Archives: March 2011 server is down, so we have sent our address to for now…

Update: Ok, yesterday, April 24th, Easter Sunday, we found out that our big site, hosted by & owned by Snappy Designs, is still intact & the owners are trying to find a new server & better service to … Continue reading

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Snow Leopard iMac 20 & a half inch screen yay!

Thanks to Signa at Yonge Blvd., & salesman Jack who sold us a year & half old iMac today, which I am using now…Our Tiger v-card started to crash this past week & thanks to some shrewd thinking & help … Continue reading

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Pinguecula Ptygerium Incomplete Information alert… Legal misinterpretations for artists…

A Comment on how to fix ptygeriums or pingueculas, prevent them or maintain them if you can’t afford to have them removed…Also, refrain from dust creating activities in enclosed spaces with a fan blowing under hot lights with greasy fingers…(get … Continue reading

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Action for happiness…I did a survey today after joining…

Ok, I added a floor to the budget upcycled Trumpeter Swan nest/waterbird feeder…If you attached empty sealed milk jugs plastic it makes the nest floatable, if you attach an extra plastic bag to the edge you get a handle to … Continue reading

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Regarding deployment of an artificial nest for Trumpeter swans… Art Metropole is selling the musician named Peaches’ cast teeth on a necklace…(90 $)- I only mention this because Art Metropole is in Toronto, Canada, where I live, & I did not know they dealt with artist multiples…Now I … Continue reading

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Density Bylaw Amendments ruining your neighbourhood? Some thoughts…

Hello… These are the compiled notes, not all, but much of what was written, of course, when Joseph spoke at City Hall in front of City Council that was off the cuff, but the months of notemaking beforehand helped us … Continue reading

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