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Wing Tags… Effects of wing tags on breeding ring-billed gulls- shows females have problems getting mates with tags on, hatching dates are later, breeding problems due to obstruction from the tags…(this is just a page 1 reference link)… *Badly placed … Continue reading

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Ringing in the ears…as related to “hearing voices”, symptoms of…

The salicylates in Pepto Bismol can cause ringing in the ears… Salicylates are in blood thinners like aspirin…Cannabis is also a blood thinner… Quinine can cause ringing in the ears…Quinine can be found in Tonic Water, & is used as … Continue reading

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Ontario Bio-Diversity Goals…

There is a lot that talks about not doing this or not doing that on this site… Not polluting, not encroaching on habitat, not…It is hard to get the general public excited about not doing something…I think we need to … Continue reading

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A response to the notion that museums want to do away with artist fees…

I’m not sure that this is in fact a greedy move… What I see is that most art in museums right now has been had for free, by donation… The fees are perhaps a way for those in the industry … Continue reading

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Joseph & Sari Grove do not want any more money sent to us from CARCC…

Joseph & Sari Grove do not want any more money sent to us from CARCC… From: “GroveCanada” To: Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 2:40 AM (< 1 min ago) View as text – Show originalShow full header Hello CARCC, I … Continue reading

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How to make a trumpeter swan nest…

Easier Workaround to make a trumpeter swan nest: Take the whole 50 feet of 1/4 inch sisal & turn it into a giant monkey chain knot chain, then attach the ends together to make an ellipse… From there, take the … Continue reading

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Bluetooth bank Robbing: A case study

I helped to foil a bank robbery at the bank of Nova Scotia across the street from Holt Renfrew on bloor street one block west of Yonge street in toronto… Soon after… A temporary book store who takes unleased spaces, … Continue reading

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For Kristyn Wong Tam campaign on Facebook: Breach

Yes, the design of the building that was presented at City Council for the property where Moriyama & Teshima’s office is currently, is different than the design shown on the big sign in front that faces McMurrich street…This is a … Continue reading

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