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Cured Down’s Syndrome? Epileptic seizing is a symptom that you have…

If an adult with Down’s Syndrome begins to have epileptic seizures that is a sign that you have cured the Down’s Syndrome already… Let me explain… If Down’s is lead poisoning…Then zinc is the opposite to lead in the thyroid, … Continue reading

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The Year of the Entrepreneur 2011: or how to spin the same thing into a different web…

The only thing a government can do to encourage entrepreneurship is to lower income taxes which allows individuals with dreams a little extra cash to implement those dreams…The only way a government can do that is by firing a bunch … Continue reading

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Like a driver’s license, a gun license should come with tests, a required course, & a high failure rate, not to mention penalties & suspensions for alcohol & other drug use when carrying…

Trumpeter Swans were saved from extinction by Canada because Canada has very strict gun control regulations which means that scavenger people who try to save a buck on dinner can’t go around shooting swans for dinner in Canada… The previous … Continue reading

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book by GroveOntario (it’s about 68 loose pages with some pictures of paintings, a c.v., artist statement, bio, our bengals cats, our Trumpeter Swans, a slough shark we found…just stuff…it ends right at the end of 2010, so the painting … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Hi…I am leaving the WordPress hello above because I thought it was a nice welcoming touch for me… Because, really, I am going to be … Continue reading

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